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Daily Archives for November, 2019

# Date Title
1 02-11-2019 Inauguration of Sahyadri Youth Red Cross Unit and SERV team training at Sahyadri Campus
2 04-11-2019 Conclusion of Two-day Indian Red Cross SERV Team Training
3 05-11-2019 Civil Engineering students visit Badakabellur Village as a part of Unnat Bharat Abhiyan
4 06-11-2019 MBAs attended a session at CII, Mangaluru
5 07-11-2019 A session on “Importance of Fire Safety in industries and day-today life, precautions, necessary steps” is organised
6 08-11-2019 Director of Aarushi Infotech & Opel Consulting Pvt Ltd visits Sahyadri
7 09-11-2019 Engineering student wins Youth for SDG Award, in the event at Hyderabad
8 11-11-2019 Principal Architect, Anoma Design Studio, Bengaluru & Director of Hoysala Village Resort, Hassan visits Sahyadri
9 12-11-2019 First Year Engineering students achieve in Technical Fests at Premier Institutes
10 13-11-2019 Mechanical Engineering Faculty invited as Chief Guest at the Zonal Event of SSTH 2K19, held at Shri Dharmasthala Pre-University College, Ujire
11 14-11-2019 Sahyadrians Recruited by Manipal Technologies
12 15-11-2019 Chairman Attends ‘Defend the Flag’ (DTF) at Ritz - Carlton, Bengaluru
13 16-11-2019 Sahyadri Science Talent Hunt – SSTH 2019
14 18-11-2019 Sahyadrians attend Samparka 2019, an HR Platform to Network and Learn from each other’s experiences
15 19-11-2019 MBAs work as Part-time Hub Managers under Lotus DMC, Cochin
16 20-11-2019 Students' Talent Contest and Exhibition of Science Models during SSTH 2019
17 22-11-2019 AVP of Procam International, Mumbai conducts a session on “Keep Calm and Enjoy the Journey” for MBAs
18 23-11-2019 Talk by Anuraag Nair from Anglo-Eastern
19 25-11-2019 Sahyadri Team Emerges as Champions for the 7th time in VTU 22nd Inter-Collegiate Athletic Competition
20 26-11-2019 Celebration of National Constitution Day at Sahyadri
21 27-11-2019 Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at MResult Services Pvt Ltd, Mangaluru facilitates session on “SOP of HR” for MBA-HR Students
22 28-11-2019 First Year Engineering Students Participate in Panel Discussion in Commemoration of National Organ Donation Day
23 29-11-2019 Dean-Industry Connect & Head of Dept. of Mechanical Engineering receives Senate Letter for PhD from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)
24 30-11-2019 Program Lead, Center for Social Innovation at Sahyadri (CSIS), attends Faculty Development Program (FDP)