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Daily Archives for September, 2020

# Date Title
1 01-09-2020 Member of Team ‘Hydra’ comes up with the Innovative Idea of Low Cost Ventilator
2 02-09-2020 Student Counsellor completes Seven-Days Online Training in Forensic Psychology
3 03-09-2020 Dept. of Business Administration conducts PAC Meeting
4 04-09-2020 Dept. of Mechanical Engineering conducts a Virtual Webinar on “What Industry needs from Engineering Graduates"
5 05-09-2020 Happy Teachers’ Day
6 07-09-2020 Engineering Student connected Local Industry with Caliper, the Sahyadri in-house Industry
7 08-09-2020 Director-R&D as Reviewer of “No Increase in Pollution Load” at KSPCB
8 09-09-2020 Two Projects by the Faculty are Shortlisted for VGST Grant 2020
9 10-09-2020 Caliper provides Certified Hands-on Internship in Design Engineering & Quality Control to the Students of Mechanical Engineering
10 11-09-2020 Caliper starts manufacture of Rolling Stock Products for Mumbai Metro
11 12-09-2020 Day-Six of Bridge Course 2020 for the Engineering Aspirants
12 14-09-2020 Sahyadrians Recruited by BYJU’S for a Salary Package of INR 10 Lakhs Per Annum
13 15-09-2020 Commemoration of National Engineer’s Day at Sahyadri
14 16-09-2020 Chairman of KEONICS visits Sahyadri
15 17-09-2020 Student Interns of DTlabz Pvt. Ltd Achieve at ‘Atma-Nirbhar Bharat StartUp Idea Contest 2k20’ organized by the Institution of Engineers, Solapur
16 18-09-2020 Dept. of Mechanical Engineering held a Research Collaboration Meeting with Faculty of NITK-Surathkal
17 19-09-2020 Atmanirbhar Project (Make In India) at Sahyadri – Fuel Nozzle Assembly
18 21-09-2020 Sahyadri Governing Council Member is Awarded "Mentor of the Year - CII Connect 2020"
19 22-09-2020 Sahyadri Emerges as one of the Top Performing Colleges in the State, under KSCST 43rd Series for Student Project Programme based on the Total Projects Sanctioned and Awarded (YR 2019-2020)
20 23-09-2020 Atmanirbhar Project (Make In India) @ Sahyadri – Nuclear Reactor Circulation Pump Parts
21 24-09-2020 Atmanirbhar Project (Make In India) @ Sahyadri – Air Vent Valve for T-90 Battle Tanks
22 25-09-2020 Bridge Course 2020 Second Batch – Day Five
23 26-09-2020 Sahyadri Awarded Two Projects by VGST on Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence
24 28-09-2020 Atmanirbhar Project (Make In India) @ Sahyadri – Pump Assembly for 100 Ton Rear Dumpers
25 29-09-2020 Bridge Course 2020 Second Batch – Day Seven
26 30-09-2020 Faculty Members Conduct Interactive Session on National Education Policy 2020 in India: A Progressive Step in Education