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Daily Archives for July, 2020

# Date Title
1 01-07-2020 Sahyadrians Achieve at the First Virtual Hackathon, QuarantineHacks 2020 Conducted by SOSC
2 02-07-2020 Faculty, Dept. of ECE Attend One-Week Short Term Training Program
3 03-07-2020 First Year MBA Student invited as a Speaker on “Josh Talks Kannada”
4 04-07-2020 Students of Sahyadri are invited to participate at "Summer of Ideas" by Infosys
5 06-07-2020 MBA Student Pledges to Donate his Organs
6 07-07-2020 Student of CSE completes 2 Months paid Internship at Gyanpro
7 08-07-2020 Student of Mechanical Engineering Recognised by “Golden Book of World Records”
8 09-07-2020 [email protected] [email protected]
9 10-07-2020 Training and Placement - ELEATION Offers Training and Internship Program to the Students of Sahyadri
10 13-07-2020 Caliper secures Orders of Products for Delhi Metro Project
11 14-07-2020 Dept. of ISE conducts the PAC Meeting
12 15-07-2020 Mumbai Metro's Mega Multi-crore Order on Caliper
13 16-07-2020 Dean-TPCG Invited as a Speaker for a Webinar by JobKart India
14 17-07-2020 Company Specific Training for Students of Sahyadri
15 18-07-2020 Training and Placement - Company Specific Training for the Engineering Students
16 20-07-2020 Caliper Increases Tally of "Make In India" Projects
17 21-07-2020 Training and Placement - Open P-TECH by IBM
18 22-07-2020 Caliper Opens Up for Internships for 3rd Semester Students of Mechanical Engineering on "Make In India" Projects in Defence
19 23-07-2020 Special Webinar Series for MBA Aspirants, Three–Day PGCET Training Commences
20 24-07-2020 Caliper Offers 10 Areas of Specialisation for Students and Faculty
21 25-07-2020 Concluding Day of Special Webinar Series for MBA Aspirants, Three–Day PGCET Training
22 27-07-2020 MBA Student delivers a Talk at 'Parinathi', a Webinar for students of Trisha Group of Institutions
23 28-07-2020 Faculty, Dept. of CSE is appointed as Technical Guide for ISRO Project titled "Ontology Enabled Disaster Management Web Service using Data Integration"
24 29-07-2020 MBAs offered Incentive-Based Internship at Web Networkz (WFH)
25 30-07-2020 Training and Placement –
26 31-07-2020 Director-R&D Invited as Key-Note Speaker at Non-Teaching Staff Enrichment Programme organised by GSSS Institute of Engineering & Technology for Women, Mysore