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Daily Archives for November, 2018

# Date Title
1 01-11-2018 NSS Unit inaugurated for the Academic year 2018-19
2 02-11-2018 Sahyadri organizes a presentation on “Innovations for Smart City” in association with K-Tech Innovation Hub
3 03-11-2018 MRPL - SAHYADRI Inter-Professional-Collegiate Debate Competition 2018 in Sahyadri Campus
4 05-11-2018 Mr. M V Rajeev Gowda, Member of Parliament in the Rajya Sabha interacts with the MBAs
5 07-11-2018 Sahyadri selected to establish IIC, as per the Innovation Cell, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India
6 10-11-2018 Sahyadri Science Talent Hunt - SSTH 2018
7 12-11-2018 Valedictory Ceremony of Sahyadri Science Talent Hunt - SSTH 2018
8 13-11-2018 Siddharth Rajhans, Founder & Director at Spacify Inc speaks to the first year MBAs
9 15-11-2018 MBAs conduct ISR activity on the occasion of Children's Day
10 16-11-2018 Students of Dept of Electronics & Communication Engineering visited an orphanage on Children’s Day
11 17-11-2018 MBA Alumnus interacts with the first year MBA Students
12 19-11-2018 Sahyadri holds One Day Training on Blockchain
13 20-11-2018 Sahyadri Sports Faculty nominated as a Coach of the Badminton Men's Team for VTU, Belagavi YR2018 search”
14 21-11-2018 First Year Engineering students achieve in a Technical Fest organized by Thapar University, Patiala
15 22-11-2018 Sahyadri has been selected for establishing Institute Innovation Council (IIC)
16 23-11-2018 Faculty Attends FDP in Technical English Communication at NITTE
17 24-11-2018 Sahyadri gets accreditation from The Institution of Engineers (India), IEI, Kolkata
18 26-11-2018 Sahyadrian Recruited by KarMic Design
19 27-11-2018 Sahyadrian Recruited by Kambala Solutions
20 28-11-2018 NITK and RDL Research collaboration - Joint IoT and Data Analytics Lab at NITK
21 29-11-2018 DTlabz organize “Makeathon” at Amdocs
22 30-11-2018 Adjunct Professor of Indian Scientific Heritage facilitates sessions on “Rapid Reading Practice” for Engineering Students