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Daily Archives for April, 2022

# Date Title
1 01-04-2022 Recruited by Google
2 04-04-2022 K S Eshwarappa, Minister of Rural Development and Panchayat Raj of Karnataka, along with his spouse visited Sahyadri
3 05-04-2022 Principal attended the BoS Meeting of Mechanical Engineering, VTU Belagavi
4 06-04-2022 Director-R&D and Consultancy nominated as the Expert Member to NAAC Process in India
5 07-04-2022 Paper presented at International Conference organized by Manipal University Jaipur
6 08-04-2022 Commencement of Survey Camp for the students of Civil Engineering
7 09-04-2022 MBA Students attend an Interactive Session with the Speaker of Karnataka Legislative Assembly
8 11-04-2022 Dr. Prabhu interacts with the UPSC Mains cleared candidates
9 12-04-2022 MBA students attend KCCI Interactive session with Commissioner, Mangalore City Corporation
10 13-04-2022 Placements and Training: Recruited by Anglo Eastern
11 14-04-2022 Respectful tribute to the Father of Indian Constitution - Dr. B R Ambedkar on his birth anniversary
12 16-04-2022 MBA Faculty invited as a Speaker in an International Webinar on 'Education-Skills-Entrepreneurship'
13 18-04-2022 Placements and Training: Recruited by ITC Infotech
14 19-04-2022 Recruited by CitiusTech
15 20-04-2022 PlanetSpark Hiring
16 21-04-2022 Sahyadri Signs MOU with IELTS
17 22-04-2022 Recruited by Amadeus Software Labs India
18 23-04-2022 'Final Fantasy', an Inter-class Quiz Competition conducted by First Year MBAs
19 25-04-2022 Funding Received: 30 student projects under 45th Series of KSCST Student Project Programme 2021-22
20 26-04-2022 Recruited by Walmart
21 27-04-2022 ISR: Driven by MBA Student Council at Govt. Higher Primary School, Kumpala Village
22 28-04-2022 Recruited by Maniranjan Diesel
23 29-04-2022 'Financial Statement Analysis', a Hands-on Session for MBAs
24 30-04-2022 Dr. Prabhu addresses the Women's wing of Vizag Chamber of Commerce