Sahyadri Initiatives

The institution has supported students to participate in SAE BAJA, SAE SUPRA, SAE AERO etc; competitions which help students to use their theoretical knowledge for practical applications. Students are qualified for SAE-BAJA, SAE Go Cart, SAE Formula Race, and SAE Aero Design Competitions.

Motto of the institute is Project & Research based learning, grooming Entrepreneurial culture fostering holistic development of students contributing to society getting them exposed through weekly invited talks from renowned Scientists, CEO's, COO's & industrialists. A strong management support aiding project based learning through more than a crore of investment every year, facilitating funded research.

Sahyadri Campus Buzz

Campus Buzz is an online publication that narrates the events and the happenings on campus during the whole week in a nutshell.


A bi-annual publication. The activities of the students are published, supported, encouraged, motivated by all our dedicated faculty members.

Sahyadri Corpus Fund

in order to ensure smooth sustenance of an organisation and to enable the college to run on a financially independent platform through interest earned.

Sahyadri E-Journal

Bi-annual journal dedicated to research activities and compilation of papers, thesis and reviews produced by our students and faculty members.

Sahyadri E-Magazine

Bi-annual magazine, giving exposure to various talents of the Sahyadrians with an impetus to their literary skills.


is an annual gathering in which eminent national and international scientists provide a platform for free interaction to young students and teachers.


Motivated by the desire to build a strong base for practical problem solving in the students as well as to build their R & D potential, the Department of Project and Funding launched Student Project Support Scheme- SPSS to convert enormous reservoir of talent and creativity in the students to projects and products.