Pre/Incubation and Incubation

SHINE Foundation

Sahyadri hub for Innovations and Entrepreneurship Foundation ``SHINE`` Foundations is a Section 8 company setup by Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management to emphasize Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Over the decade Sahyadri has emerged as an innovation hub in the region through its initiatives to drive community based innovations and practices that have given rise to industries and Start-ups in the region, these works hence forth will be accelerated with community in focus through SHINE Foundation.

Identity card for physically handicapped is compulsory

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New Age Incubation Network (NAIN)

The Government of Karnataka, Department of IT, BT and S&T has sanctioned NAIN centre to Sahyadri college of Engineering & Management, based on the Infrastructure facilities available and other Research and Innovation activities conducted by the college.

The centre shall focus on igniting the young minds and provide the necessary infrastructure and mentoring to take the concepts of the students from idea to POC stage and then give them the necessary guidance and provide the platform to become successful entrepreneurs.

Under the New Age Incubation Network, students are encouraged to identify local problems and address those using concepts of frugal innovation, and to develop appropriate technology-based solutions and working prototypes. Sahyadri NAIN centre shall provide mentors assigned to the students to help them to formulate a business model based on this new technology and encourage them to think like entrepreneurs. The presence of start-ups and other industries at sahyadri are helpful in molding the innovative ideas of students at Sahyadri Campus.

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