Indian Scientific Heritage Awareness and Applications


“Lot of spirituality is found in this country, which is not found elsewhere. It is the soul! You need to protect it”, this was the response of Turing Awardee, Dr Joseph Sifakis after visiting “Vedic Science on the River Bank”.


  • Initiating National Movement for Indian Scientific Heritage Awareness and Applications for Peace, Prosperity and Progress.
  • Creating and publishing age appropriate Literature for the realization of I-S-H-A2 Vision, Mission and Objectives.
  • Promoting HAT: Heritage Awareness Tourism.
  • Organizing Workshops, Exhibitions on I-S-H-A2
  • State-wise networking to document Heritage Content.
  • Bringing heritage awareness to the local folk and general public.


To make learning natural and effortless like breathing on the Sahyadri Campus by tapping the most conducive river bank environment and by applying its spiritual resources, to mould world class performers who have high achievement index in profession and Life. To perpetuate the rich and unparalleled Cultural Literacy and equally invaluable Heritage Awareness which together like the two sides of the coin, constitute the National Identity of India that is Bharat.


To avail of living traditional authentic knowledge systems and their beneficial applications to the students thereby awakening in them the role of torch bearers to perpetuate the same to their next generation. To augment 'hands on' technological modules with 'heads and hearts on' sessions of Indian Scientific Heritage Awareness adding holistic values and energies, further adding to the Spiritual Quotient and the Action Quotient of the students and faculties as well.

The Octagonal Gazebo – Interpretation by Dr. S Ramakrishna Sharma

The Octagonal Gazebo near the Food Court epitomizes Vedic Cosmology. Its eight pillars, five steps, 16 spokes in varied color granite flooring, 24 equal segments on the floor all these fall in line with “Ashtadha Apara-Prakruti” eightfold Nature, Five Great Elements, Sixteen aspects of Purusha Consciousness, Twenty four Tattvas of Sankhya, Twenty Four lettered Gayathri Chandah of the Vedas, the Space within the Gazebo representing the individual living being (microcosm) and the Space outside representing the Cosmic Consciousness of Purusha.

"We did not think of all these when we constructed this Gazebo."

Yes, this precisely and unerringly points at the universal fact that the Spiritual Reality is the basis and foundation of all that exists and all that we need is the EYE to see and comprehend how and at what levels Nature unravels the mysteries.