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Bridge Course: Engineering Batch 2022

Bridge Course: Engineering Batch 2022

Day Six: Day Six of the Bridge Course started with a fun-filled activity to energize students and let them into a session on 'Communication Strategy' conducted by TCE Trainers - Mr. Hemanth Rao and Mr. Srajan Kulal.
Students had a discussion on various topics related to current affairs and were asked to give a formal presentation on the topic. Students, after the session, expressed that they never had an experience to talk on stage, showcasing their presentation skills. According to the students, activities like these are pushing them out of their comfort zone.
Post lunch, a session on MIT App development was conducted by Mr. Ramkishor, Dream Kits. Students were involved in building various Android applications.
Day Seven: On Day Seven, students learnt about 'Canva' software which is used for editing photos and 'Filmora' software which is used for video editing. This session was facilitated by the experts of Media Team from Mega Mind - Mr. Rahul and Ms. Ramya. Students felt the need of these softwares and appreciated the lifelong learning they received for handling social media and presentations. The post lunch session was from Team Flotanomers on Drone Building, Drone assembly followed by an overview of the career in Drone Technology.

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