Research Area

Artificial Intelligence

Image processing and computer Vision

Materials Science (Technology of Nano-materials) Environmental Chemistry

Grants & Projects

Financial year Name of Faculty (Principal Investigator) Name of the Funding Agency Title of the Project Sanctioned order no. Sanctioned date Total Amount Sanctioned(In Rupees) Amount Received(In Rupees) during the year Amount received (in words) Stage
1 2018-17 Mr. Vikas G VGST (2017-18) Novel Paradigms in Industrial Product Design and Development Applied
2 2018-18 Mr. Vikas G & Prof Mahesh B Davangeri MODROBS AICTE (2017-18) Energy Lab Applied
3 2018-19 Dr.Vishal Samartha AICTE-RPS  Introduction of Low Carbon Technology to reduce Cost of Living in Rural Areas Applied
4 2018-19 Dr. Shamanth Rai SERB -Travel Grant  International Conference On Computer and Communication Systems, Singapore ITS/2018/005918 67,000 67,000 Sanctioned
5 2018-19 Dr. Pushpalatha K VGST  Creating the facility for advancing research in area of computer vision and allied areas – (Multi stage detection system for violent activities in crowds through visual gesture and cognitive modeling)  VGST/K-FIST(L1) (2014-15)/2015-16 28-04-2015 20 lakhs 20 lakhs ongoing
6 2018-19 MSME Technology Business Incubator 
7 2018-19 Dr. Rajesha S. VTU-FDP Alternative Energy Sources- A Future Opportunities Applied
8 2018-19 Dr.Rathishchandra.R.Gatti Design Thinking Boot camp - Concept to Market Product Development Applied
9 2018-19 Dr. Pushpalatha K VTU-FDP Mathematical concepts of Machine Learning Applied
10 2018-19 Dr. Rathischandra Gatti DST-IFD Indo-Denmark Developing Next-Generation Oscillating Wave Surge Converters for Electricity Generation and Seawater Desalination in Southern Peninsular Region of India NEXTWAVE under review
11 2018-19 Dr. Rathischandra Gatti Danida- Denmark Federal Govt NGO under review
12 2018-19 Mr. Ravichandra K R AICTE (MODROBS)-Modernisation & Removal of Obsolescence MODROBS - Modernisation & Removal of Obsolescence Applied
13 2018-19 Dr. Rathischandra Gatti AICTE (RPS) RPS – Research Promotion Scheme Applied
14 2018-19 Dr. Rathischandra Gatti AICTE - STTP – Short Term Training Program Alternative Energy Sources- A Future Opportunities Applied
15 2018-19 Dr. Rathischandra Gatti ISTE- Refresher Programmes(FDP) FDP on Collaborative and Cooperative Teaching –Learning Processes Applied
16 2018-19 Dr. Ashwath Rao AICTE- STTP – Short Term Training Program An Essential and Emerging Tool for Drone Computing towards Digital Agriculture Applied
17 2018-19 Dr. S Manjappa AICTE (MODROBS)-Modernisation & Removal of Obsolescence Applied
18 2018-19 Dr. D L Prabhakara AICTE- STTP – Short Term Training Program Design Concepts of Building Services Applied
19 2018-19 Dr. S Manjappa ISTE- Refresher Programmes(FDP) Environmental Engineering Applied
20 2018-19 Dr. Shamanth Rai AICTE (MODROBS)-Modernisation & Removal of Obsolescence Applied
21 2018-19 Dr. Pushpalatha AICTE- STTP – Short Term Training Program Mathematics of Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics Applied
22 2018-19 Dr. K Vidyavathi SPDP-Skill and Personality Development Programme Centre for SC/ST Students Applied
23 2018-19 Dr. Vishal Samartha AICTE- STTP – Short Term Training Program Teaching Pedagogy Applied
24 2018-19 Mrs. Vidyavathi ICASSK- IMPACT RESEARCH Applied
25 2018-19 Dr. Rathish Chandra Gatti Unnat Bharat Abhiyan UBA 2.0 - Adopting and developing 5 villages SBIN619042627133 02/12/2019 50,000 + Need based 50000 Sanctioned
26 2018-19 Dr.Srinivasa Rao Kunte
Dr.Rathishchandra .R.Gatti
Mr.Abhishek K
KCTU Development of Automated Welding Techniques in TIG & MIG for industries KCTU/R&D/SCEM/TIG-MIG/01/2018-19 3rd Feb 2017 50,00,000 Sanctioned
27 2018-19 Dr.S.Seetharamu
Dr. Rathish Chandra Gatti
AICTE- INAE-DVP AICTE Distinguished Visiting Professor Scheme Ref INAE/201/DVP 15,00,000 starts in June Sanctioned
28 2018-19 Dr. Rathish Chandra Gatti VGST-RGS/F Design & Development of a Novel Point Absorber Type Wave Energy Generator for Micro- Grids & Desalination. Applied
29 2018-19 Dr. Ravindra Babu VGST-K-FIST Level 1 Establishing the Facility for Melting Furnaces and Materials testing  Applied
30 2018-19 Dr. Ravindra Babu VGST-FDP- ENGINEERING Advanced Manufacturing Technology - FDP For Engineering College Teachers Applied
31 2018-19 Dr. Rajesha S VGST-K-FIST Level 1 Design And Development Of Hybrid Micro Electro Discharge Machining Process for Fabricating The Orthopaedics Implants Applied
32 2018-19 Dr. Ashwath Rao VGST-FDP- ENGINEERING LTE Architecture 4G & 5G Applied
33 2018-19 Dr. R Srinivasa Rao Kunte VGST-K-FIST Level 1 Deposition and Characterization of Aluminium Oxide Doped Perovskite and Zno Thin Films for High Efficient Solar Cells and Gas Sensors Applied
34 2018-19 Dr J V Gorabal FDP Decentralized Applications and Block-chain Technology Applied
35 2018-19 Mr S N Bharath Bhushan K-FIST –Level-1 Real Time Scene Segmentation for Detection of Suspicious Activities based on collected evidence using Deep Learning Techniques Applied
36 2018-19 Mr. Duddela Sai Prashanth RGS/F Developing a Novel Approach for early Detection of Cancer Applied
37 2018-19 Dr. Premananda Shenoy FDP- ENGINEERING Design Concept of Building Services Applied
38 2018-19 Mrs. Smitha VGST-K-FIST Level 1 Dynamic Simulation Studies on Seismic Performance of Buildings with the Aid of Shake Table Testing Methodology Applied
39 2018-19 Dr. Shamantha Rai B VGST-K-FIST-Level-1 Connecting Rural Areas under Digital India Scheme through E-governance Applications to deliver Services without flaws by creating facility for Cyber Security & Analytics Lab Applied
40 2018-19 Dr. Shamantha Rai B VGST-FDP- ENGINEERING Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Applied
41 2018-19 Mr. Rithesh Pakkala VGST-RGS-F Hypocrisy Detection in E-Transactions using Distributed Data Mining Applied
42 2018-19 Dr. Felcy Jyothi Serrao VGST-RGS/F Synthesis, Characterization and Gas Sensing Properties of Oxide-based Nanostructured Semiconductor Thin Films Applied
43 2017-18 Dr.Navin Bappalige  Research For Talented Teachers, VGST,GoK 2018 500000 500000 Fifty Lakhs Ongoing
44 2017-18 Prof.U.M.Bhushi  SERB-DST, Science & Technology Conclave Sahyadri Conclave SSY/2017/001388 2017-18 300000 300000 three Lakhs Ongoing
45 2017-18 Prof.U.M.Bhushi  Department of ITBT,GoK Science & Technology Conclave Sahyadri Conclave 2017-18 1000000 1000000 Ten Lakhs Ongoing
46 2017-18 All Departments KSCST + Nithi Ayog (VGST ) KSCST Students Projects programme ( 54 projects) KSCST Till 2017-18 170000 170000 One lakh Seventy Thousand Ongoing
47 2017-18 Prof.U.M.Bhushi DST,Gov. of Karnataka Science & Technology Conclave Sahyadri Conclave 22/2017-18/289 2017-18 1500000 1500000 Fifteen lakhs Ongoing
48 2016-17 Prof.U.M.Bhushi KCTU, Industries &Commerce, GoK Development of prototype ethanol sensor product based on PLD Grown BiFeO₃ thin films 3 years(2017-20) 11500000 11500000 One crore fifteen Lakh only Ongoing
49 2016-17 Prof.U.M.Bhushi NAIN, Dept. of IT,B & ST, GoK Incubation of promising projects developed by our students 3 years(2017-20) 12000000 12000000 one crore twelve lakh only Ongoing
50 2016-17 Dr. S Manjappa AICTE, New Delhi Production of biodiesel from fish oil on extraction of omega 3 fatty acid from fish oil. Ref. No.: 8-67/RIFD/RPS/POLICY-1/2016-17 3 years(2017-20) 1330000 1330000 thirteen lakh thierty thousand only Ongoing
51 2016-17 Dr.Navin Bappalige VGST Structural Characterization of Ferroelectric thin Films Grown by Spin Coating KSTePS/VGST-RFTT/2016-17/279/8 2017-2020 500000 500000 five lakh only Ongoing
52 2016-17 Dr. S Manjappa Jubiliant Generics Recovery of useful by-products from waste resources JGL/EHS/by-product/2017-18/001 2017-18 300000 300000 three lakh only Ongoing
53 2016-17 Dr. Niraj Joshi INUP Fabrication, Characterization and Optimization of PVDF-TrFE cantilevers for In vitro Body Energy Harvesting Application p11323137240 1 year(2016-17) 150000 150000 one lakh fifteen thousand Ongoing
54 2016-17 Dr. Ashwath Rao,Mr. Steven Lawrence Fernandes,Mr. S. N. Bharath Bhushan University of Houston Downtown, USA Infant Detection in Vehicle and esleep System iChart2016007 1 year(2016-17) 70000 70000 sevety thousand only Ongoing
55 2016-17 Dr. S Manjappa Industries Development of food waste bio-gas plant for Sahyadri campus 3 Industries supported the activity- 1 year(2016-17) 850000 850000 eight lakh fifty thousand only Completed
56 2016-17 Prof.U.M.Bhushi KCTU,GOK Development of automated welding techniques in TIG & MIG for industries KCTU/R&D/SCEM-Ma/2016- 17 2016-17 5900000 5900000 fifty nine lakh only Ongoing
57 2016-17 All Departments KSCST KSCST Students Projects programme ( 54 projects) KSCST Till 2016-17 200000 200000 two lakh only Completed
58 2016-17 All Departments SPSS 2014-2017,Bhandary Foundation Funding for student projects from Management BF/SPSS/REP/2017-18 Till 2016.17 6170000 6170000 sixty one lakh seventy thousand only Ongoing
59 2015-16 Dr. Niraj Joshi DST-SERB Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Whispering Gallery Mode (WGM) resonators in Planar Waveguides for Detection of Bio-Molecules Using Terahertz Radiation EMR/2014/000622 3 years (2016-19) 5590000 5590000 fifty five lakh ninty thousand only Ongoing
60 2015-16 Dr. Niraj Joshi INUP Fabrication and Evaluation of Prototype Ethanol Sensor Device Based on PLD Grown BiFeO3 thin films. p551260494 1 year(2015-16) 150000 150000 one lakh fifty thousand only Completed
61 2015-16 Dr. Jayarama A INUP Development of micro Methanol fuel cells with tunable conductance membranes for wearable devices P658600471_1 1 year(2015-16) 150000 150000 one lakh fifty thousand only Completed
62 2015-16 Dr. Rathishchandra Gatti INUP Design, Simulation, Fabrication and characterization of cantilever based in-vitro body energy harvester using piezoelectric composites P563716176_1 1 year(2015-16) 150000 150000 one lakh fifty thousand only Completed
63 2015-16 Mr. Steven Lawrence Fernandes IEI Developing a Novel Technique for Identification of victims/criminals of sexual exploitation on women and children DR2016002 1 year(2015-16) 80000 80000 Eighty Thousand Rupees Completed
64 2014-15 Dr.Ashwath Rao VGST-CISEE Underground water detection, replenishment and mapping using aerial infra red application to enhance drinking water resources. VGST/CISEE/GRD-317/2014-15 3 years (2014-17) 3000000 3000000 Thirty lakh only Ongoing
65 2014-15 Dr. Sarvesh Vishwakarma VGST-K-FIST (L1) Multi-stage detection system for violent activities in crowd through visual, gesture and cognitive modeling VGST/K-FIST(L1)(2014-15)/2015-16/GRD-353 2 years (2014-16) 2000000 2000000 Twenty lakh only Ongoing
66 2014-15 Prof. B. N. Karkera NPOL Body Phone Hearing Aid Concept Depolyment for Sonar Applications - A Technology Demonstration Project NPOL/ES/CNH/02 1 year(2014-15) 980000 980000 nine lakh eighty thousand only Completed
67 2014-15 Dr. A. P. Achar M/s Kirloskar Electric Co. Ltd Business Process Reengineering 078287/120614 1 year(2014-15) 500000 500000 five lakh only Completed
68 2014-15 Mr. Steven Lawrence Fernandes VGST-SMYSR Development of New Technology For Identification of Most Wanted Criminals Across Age Groups And Age Progression Using Composite Sketches On A Digital Signal Processor VGST/SMYSR/GRD-402/2014-15 1 year(2014-15) 400000 400000 four lakh only Completed
69 2014-15 Dr. Savitha VGST-SMYSR Studies on sorption properties of some selected Bio-Polymer gels and modified Bio-Polymer gels in water treatment Application VGST/SMYSR/GRD-406/2014-15 1 year(2014-15) 400000 400000 four lakh only Completed
70 2014-15 Dr. Vidyavathi K AICTE-RPS A study on Lapsation of Life Insurance Policies in India 20/AICTE/RIFD/RPS(POLICY-III) 89/2012-13 3 years(2012-15) 450000 450000 four lakh fifty thousand only Completed
71 2016 Dr Niraj Joshi DRDO Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Whispering Gallery Mode (WGM) Resonators in Planar Waveguides for Detection of Bio-Molecules Using Terahertz Radiation. ERIP/ER/DG-ECS/991115506/M/01 3 Year 74.80 Lakhs INR Accepted-ask for Revised proposal
72 2018-19 Dr. Ashwath Rao AICTE - RPS – Research Promotion Scheme Applied