Research Area

Artificial Intelligence

Image processing and computer Vision

Materials Science (Technology of Nano-materials) Environmental Chemistry

Grants & Projects

Funding Agency Project Title Principal Investigator Co-Principal Investigator Duration Sanctioned Amount
(In Lakhs)
1 VGST FDP Smart materials for aerospace applications Dr. D L Prabhakara Prof. Dayananda Shetty 3 days 1.6 Completed
New Delhi
A Study on Lapsation of Life Insurance Policies in India Dr. K. Vidyavathi - 3 years 4.46 Running
3 NPOL Body Phone-Aid-Concept-Deployment for Sonar Applications, being a Technology demonstrator project Prof. S Karkera - 9 months 9.85 Running
4 VGST Underground water detection, replenishment & mapping using arial infra-Red application to enhance the drinking water resources Mr. Ashwath Rao Mr. S N Bharath Bhushan 3 years 30.00 Running
5 VGST Creating the facility for advancing research in area of computer vision and allied areas - (Multi Stage detection System for violent activities in Crowd through Visual,
gesture and Cognitive modeling)
Mr. Sarvesh Vishwakarma Dr. Abishek Vaish
Mr. Ashwath Rao
2 years 20.00 Running
6 VGST Development of New technology for identification of most wanted criminals across age groups and age progression using composite sketches on a digital signal processor Mr. Steven Lawrence Fernandes - 2 years 4.00 Running
7 VGST Studies on sorption properties of some selected Bio-Polymer Gels and Modified Bio-Polymer Gels for Water Treatment
Dr. Savitha M B - 2 years 4.00 Running