Dr. Manjappa Sarathy - Director of Research and consultancy - Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management

Dr. Manjappa Sarathy


Dr. Manjappa Sarathy is the Director of Research and consultancy at Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management. Dr. Manjappa completed his Ph.D. from Mysore university in 1982. He is a distinguished scientist and professor with more than 34 years of Research, consultancy and teaching. He has guided more than 15 Ph.D. students and numerous M.Tech students. He has published more than 44 journal papers. He has served in several government bodies related to pollution control and environment. He won several awards including the State Environment Award in 2009. His specialization is Environmental Chemistry and Environmental consultancy. He has been granted funded projects worth more than 4 crores in total.

Research Advisory Committee

# Name Institute
1 Dr. Abhishek Vaish IIIT-A
2 Prof. B N Karkera SCEM, NITK


# Designation Name Contact
1 Chairman Dr. Manjunath Bhandary
M.Phil, Ph.D.
2 Director Dr. D. L. Prabhakara
3 Principal Dr. Umesh. M. Bhushi
B.E, M.Tech, Ph.D[IIT-KGP].
Phone: 0824-2277222,2277100
4 Director of Research & Consultancy Dr. S Manjappa
M.Sc., Ph.D
5 Finance Officer Mr. M. Ramesh Hegde

Core Research Group

Working Research Group at Govt. Research Center, Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management Campus, Adyar, Mangalore-5750007
Core Research Group
Sl. No Name Dept. Email Contact
1 Steven L Fernandes EC steven.ec@sahyadri.edu.in 9844760875
2 Sharathchandra. N. R. EC sharathchandra.ec@sahyadri.edu.in 9740069397
3 Roopashree EC roopashree.ec@sahyadri.edu.in 9535619438
4 Ashwin Kumar EC ashwin015@gmail.com 8277557835
5 Ankitha K CS ankitha.cs@sahyadri.edu.in 9591304742
6 Pavan Kumar V CS pavan.cs@sahyadri.edu.in 9900579958
7 Sarvesh Vishwakarma CS sarvesh.cs@sahyadri.edu.in 8951685161
8 Sadhana CS sadhana.cs@sahyadri.edu.in 9164586278
9 Priya. R. Kamath CS priya.cs@sahyadri.edu.in 9008544822
10 Hanumantharaya. R ME hanu.mech@sahyadri.edu.in 9620125518
11 Ramakrishna Devananda. P ME ramakrishna.devv@gmail.com 9482796974
12 Ravindra Babu. G. ME ravindra.mech@gmail.com 9164228844
13 Suhas Poojary ME poojarysuhas0@gmail.com 8970046230
14 Umesh. S. S. CV umesh.civil@sahyadri.edu.in 9449207661
15 Supreeth Prabhu CV supreeth0690@gmail.com 9743702469
16 Jyothi Phys jyothi.phy@sahyadri.edu.in 9448621477
17 Dr. Bappalige Navin Phys navin.phy@sahyadri.edu.in 9844251900
18 Sandhyashree UV Chem sandhyashree.chem@sahyadri.edu.in 9611188117
19 Savitha Chem savitha.chem@sahyadri.edu.in 9449845939
20 Suresh. B. G. Maths sureshb.math@sahyadri.edu.in 9880644124
21 Gorabal J Veeranna MCA jayanna.cs@sahyadri.edu.in 8095682002
22 Balaji.N. MCA balaji.hiriyur@gmail.com 9945930980
23 Bharath Bhushan MCA sn.bharath@gmail.com 9480766063