To become a globally recognized institute striving continuously for excellence in Education, Research and Technological service to the nation. Towards this end Shayadri College of Engineering and Management recognized early the need for a multidisciplinary research centre on par with the leading research institutions in India providing meaningful services responsive to the regional and national emerging needs of the country and to promote effective learning centre.


To maximize the benefits of the Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management scholarly research by advancing fundamental knowledge and facilitate the circulation and consumption of cutting-edge research outputs to all potential consumers, thereby, help improve instruction and access to quality of life is envisaged.


  • Development of advance laboratory for basics science, applied science and engineering science.
  • To conduct latest cutting edge, innovative Research & Development.
  • To seek funding for R& D efforts from different funding agencies national and international.
  • To collaborate with the national and international research labs and jointly work to produce prototypes and innovative technology.
  • To conduct specialized scientific training for professionals, Government personnel, young researchers etc.
  • To ensure effective monitoring and evaluation of the research carried out at the centre.
  • To create a database of research results that may be accessible to all the stakeholders within and outside Sahyadri Campus.