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Sinchana 2017

Sinchana 2017

Department of Art & Culture organized “Sinchana 2017” – Sprinkle of Talents, A Cultural Extravaganza as a part of Kannada Rajyotsava Celebration in Sahyadri Campus. Dr. Narasimha Murthy, Retired Associate Professor of Kannada, Mangaluru & Mr. Jagannath Chowta, Trustee, Bhandary Foundation were the guests for the Inaugural Ceremony. Dr. Narasimha Murthy inaugurated the programme by beating drums. Addressing the audience he said – It is often taken for granted that we live in Kannada Nadu & only express our gratitude to the state on November 1st each year. This day in the year 1956 is considered to be one of the greatest days for the dwellers of Karnataka as our state emerged with 19 districts in it.

Karnataka was formed considering the majority of kannada speaking people in the region. It was then called as Mysuru Rajya, however during the reign of Devaraja Arasu in 1973, the state was renamed as Karnataka. He emphasised on the Karnataka Flag and its relevance, however National Flag is more important. Kannada language is not merely a medium of communication but we should appreciate that Kannada is the language which is in existence for the last 2,000 years & can be written as well as spoken. He referred to the great kannada poets and their contribution in the field of literature and urged all of us to be proud of it. Kannada has won 8 Jnana Peeta Awards which is the highest in comparison to other states. He appreciated youth’s role in bringing kannada in front through social media. He had words of praise for Sahyadri in organizing a programme on the occasion of Karnataka Rajyotsava in the form of Kannada Song, Skit, Folk Art etc., which keeps the spirit of Kannada alive among students. One should develop a sense of belongingness to Kannada. He said Kannada language has greater sense of logic since writing and pronouncing the words are similar. He concluded by saying Let us Grow Kannada and Love Kannada. One contribution is much better than 1,000 words, meaning one contribution to Kannada and the state is better than just expressing in words.

Mr. Jagannath Chowta in his presidential address expressed that it is unfortunate to see that we make an effort to know our mother tongue only when we fill the application forms to take admission in college. A mother decides the mother tongue of a child and her contribution is immense hence we refer to our nation and our state as mother. He shared an anecdote that brought out the importance of mother tongue for a child. He urged the students to retain the tradition and culture of Karnataka.

Various competitions like solo and group classical, filmy and western songs, solo and group classical and non classical dance, Sketching, Face painting, Photography, Variety and other competitions were conducted at various venues of Sahyadri.

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