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Two teams from Sahyadri qualify for the Semifinals of Verbattle Karnataka 2017

Two teams from Sahyadri qualify for the Semifinals of Verbattle Karnataka 2017

Three teams from Sahyadri that cleared Verbattle Mangaluru Zonals participated in the Verbattle Karnataka 2017 held in Garden City University, Bengaluru. Of the three teams from Sahyadri that participated in the Skirmish round two got qualified in the Combat round. 54 teams from all over Karnataka participated in this round.

Of the 27 teams that competed in the Combat round, both the teams qualified and were selected for the next Confrontation Round which is the Semi finals round, where they will compete with the Top 9.

The students who made it to the semi finals are:
Team 1: P Sanjay - Final Year Mechanical & Nivya Rodrigues - 3rd year Electronics & Communication
Team 2: Oliver Bangera & Shagufa Bava - 1st year Engineering. Verbattle is a registered trademark owned by Verbattle Foundation, which is an international non-profit organization with partners in the United States of America, the European Union, India and Canada.

Verbattle is the largest, most exciting and unique debate and dialogue platform. Its fundamental purpose is to facilitate thought and opinion exchange in addition to its primary goal of promoting democratic values in the society.

Verbattle, established in 2005, began with a state-level competition in Karnataka. Till date, Verbattlehas conducted over 40 large scale debate competitions across India and Europe. Verbattle started South India-level competitions with ‘Verbattle South’ in 2012. It has today grown as India’s biggest professional debating organization.

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