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Bridge Course: Engineering Batch 2022

Bridge Course: Engineering Batch 2022

Day Four: On the Day Four, Team SOSC, the seniors gave a warm welcome to students and introduced them to SOSC and College clubs under its umbrella. They gave the glimpse of the opportunities for students in Placements and SOSC's association with it. The team helped the students in creating a Roadmap for 4 years. SOSC played a fun game using a kahoot oral quiz which taught students the basics of coding. Students competed in 'Capture the Flag' game with the basic knowledge of coding and Lethal Elites emerged as winners.
Post lunch, session was handled by Flotanomers, the drone start-up, led by CEO Blaren and Joanna. They started the session with fun game XOXO and shared information about drone theory and its application.

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