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Bridge Course: Engineering Batch 2022

Bridge Course: Engineering Batch 2022

Day Two: After the energizing Day One, students started their morning having an introduction session from Flotanomers Pvt Ltd., an in-house start-up at Sahyadri working on UAV-unmanned aerial vehicles building and development innovation. Mr. Midhun introduced the company to the students - how they started it and what they work on. Later, he conducted a fun activity, teaching the basic mechanism of aeroplane. Following that, Zayn from Flotanomers explained the applications of drones and how to build a drone. To wind up the session, students were made to create paper planes and they competed with each other to fly their paper plane to the longest distance. Team Peak innovators emerged as winners of the competition.
Post lunch, students had the Design Thinking session handled by Mr. Gautham Kumar, the COO of InUnity LLP. InUnity is a start-up at Sahyadri which identifies and nurtures an Entrepreneurial mindset among the youth. Students designed a wallet on different problem statements they have encountered in the past in terms of their wallet. They learnt on how to empathize with a problem, the ideation process, how to build a prototype and also test it.
Day Three: During the Day Three, students prepared a prototype of different wallets using their creativity introducing their product through a small expo in their own created table stalls. They also shot promo ads for their product and presented it to the jury. Team Phoenix and Sherlock homies emerged as joint winners. Proceeding with the afternoon session, the Dreamkit was introduced to students by Mr. Aashish from DTi Labs which works on electronics kits. During this session, students developed an understanding of the product on its own and interfacing it with multiple sensors by playing around alongside the kit, understanding the basics of electronics in engineering.

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