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Inauguration: Antaragni of Dept. of Civil Engineering

Inauguration: Antaragni of Dept. of Civil Engineering

Antaragni, the Department Fest under SPACE of Dept. of Civil Engineering was inaugurated by lighting the lamp by Dr. Mattur Chandrashekhar Narasimhan, Professor in the Dept. of Civil Engineering, NITK, Suratkal; Dr. Rajesha S, Principal; Prof. Hemantha Prabhu, Head-Dept. of Civil Engineering; Prof. Vijayalaxmi Kedilaya B, SPACE Co-ordinator and Mr. Akshay Mahadev, President-SPACE. Antaragni 2022 is providing opportunities for young minds to showcase their talents.
Dr. Rajesha S, in his address, sharing the importance of participating in such programmes, enthused every student to take part in the event. Ms. Shreelatha UA, Academic Administrative Officer was also present during the function. The inauguration was followed by Technical Talk by Dr. Mattur Chandrashekhar Narasimhan wherein he gave an insight into Alkali Activated Concrete. He explained why Alkali Activated Concrete has attracted considerable attention as an alternative to the well-known traditional Portland Cement Concrete (PCC). He presented a comprehensive review of the background, constituent materials, and the corresponding nature of the same.
The second half of the event commenced with the Bridge Building Competition wherein students got a flavour of what it is to be an Engineer - Designing structures to a set of specifications and then seeing them perform their functions. The event consisted of building a model of the bridge using Popsicle sticks and glue. The top teams were decided based on performance to take loads and aesthetics of the model. A total of 16 teams each consisting of 4-8 members participated in the event. Overall, a total of 128 students participated in the event.

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