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Wipro - Elite NTH FY’22 Hiring Orientation Session

Wipro - Elite NTH FY’22 Hiring Orientation Session

Wipro conducted the orientation session for the students who have registered under Elite NTH FY '22 Hiring. Mr. Lavanam Amballa, National Campus Manager and Mr. Binoy K, Location Campus Manager hosted the session. The session was open to all the registered students from Kerala/Karnataka and TPO's across these regions.
Elite National Talent Hunt 2022 is a fresher’s hiring initiative to attract the best of 2022 engineering talent across the country. The objective of this initiative is to enable an equal opportunity for employment to the most deserving engineering talent in India. The unique differentiator of this model is the equal employment opportunity for any student irrespective of their college. Engineering Graduates across the nation can participate in the Wipro National Talent Hunt. This programme is designed to be easily accessible and is open to Engineering Graduates who are looking forward to establish themselves in the IT industry; all one needs is determination and the attitude to learn.

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