Value Added Certification Course

Aptitude Training

Aptitude refers to the competency of a person to learn or acquire knowledge. Most of the jobs in the corporate world require employees to expand their skill set through additional training. As companies are ready to provide on the job training, they seek for candidates who have the competency to undergo the training.

We at Sahyadri, have developed an extensive aptitude training programme that is customized to the needs of students.

Applied Research Projects

Applied research refers to scientific study and research that seeks to solve practical problems. Applied research is used to find solutions to everyday problems, cure illness, and develop innovative technologies. Psychologists working in human factors or organizational fields often do this type of research. Management Students have to take critical decisions and will face several challenging situations all through their career. With the intent to allow them to explore a real time problem and gauge the strategies to solve them, Applied Research Projects are allocated to students.

Financial Modelling & Business Valuation

Prof. Akshatha P
[email protected]

* For the MBAs specialising in Finance, Financial Modelling is a mathematical model designed to represent the real world financial situation.

* Students are trained in building spreadsheet models using case study approach with which students perform valuation of real companies listed on NSE.

* Certificate will be provided on completion of a 42 hours course in Financial Modelling and Business Valuation.

National Institute of Security Markets - NISM

Prof. Suchithra
[email protected]

* National Institute of Security Markets (NISM) course gives an overview of the stock market. It develops skills on investment in the financial market and also to pursue career in finance and commerce.

* This course will enable students to gain detailed knowledge of Indian securities market and clear understanding of risk management strategies.

* Certificate of completion in NISM will be provided to students after passing the examination of 2 hours with minimum marks.

* Total duration of the course of 25 hours.

Marketing and Retail Analytics

Prof. Monisha Shetty
[email protected]

* Marketing and Retail Analytics course provides tools for analysis to manage businesses effectively.

* It helps in the development of skills such as setting product prices, identification of prospective customers & negotiation.

* This course is provided to the final year marketing students for the duration of 42 hours along with live projects.

Digital Marketing

Prof. Girish M
[email protected]

* Digital marketing utilizes internet and online based technologies to promote products and services.

* Digital Marketing course is provided to MBAs specialising in Marketing, which provides them wide knowledge about social media marketing, Email marketing and Mobile marketing.

* At the end of this course, students will be able to develop their own E-commerce sites and forecast the demand for various goods.

* Total duration of the course is 42 hours.

Human Resource Analytics

Prof. Sushma V
[email protected]

* HR Analytics deals with people analysis improving the employee performance and retention of employees within an organisation.

* For the MBAs specialising in Human Resource & People Management, Human Resource Analytics is a must tool kit in Microsoft Excel.

* Students inculcate skills on daily recruitment details, performance appraisal and workforce analysis.

* Total duration of the course of 42 hours.

Payroll Administration

Prof. Padmanabha B
[email protected]

* Payroll Administration deals with preparation of list of employees and the amounts paid to them as remuneration.

* Certification Course on Payroll Administration is a 26 hours course, provided to MBAs specialising in Human Resource and People Management.

* This course enables students to understand the process of payroll and various other aspects related to payroll administration using MS Excel.

* Students will be provided with certificates after the completion of the course.

Spreadsheet Applications in Business Analytics (SABA) Primer

Prof. Samarth Shenoy
[email protected]

* Most often students struggle in MBA program due to lack of clarity in foundation level Business mathematics and statistics concepts as well as spreadsheet skills.

* This certification program is particularly designed for First year MBAs in association with Knowledge Varsity, to help students to succeed in Finance, Decision Analytics, Global Marketing Management and Information Systems programs.

* At the end of the course, besides familiarity with Microsoft Excel, students will also refresh foundation level concepts in Business Mathematics & Business Statistics.

* Duration of the course is nine week online program with weekly webinar & assignments (MOOC Style)

Statistical Analysis

Dr. Azhar Shaikh
[email protected]

* This course is provided to MBAs to equip them with the ability of independently carrying out an indepth data analysis with professional confidence and accuracy.

* It will specifically help those looking to derive business insights, understand consumer behaviour, develop objective plans for new ventures, brand study, or write a scholarly article in high impact journals and develop high quality thesis/project work.

Data Analytics

Prof. Ramesh KG
[email protected]
[email protected]

* This certification program is particularly designed for First year MBAs which will help them in gaining wide knowledge about business analytics.

* At the end of the course students will be able to apply the analytic tool to analyse the real time data in their project.

Quantitative aptitude

Prof. Ramesh KG
[email protected]
[email protected]

* Quantitative aptitude course is the need of the hour in today’s competitive world.

* This course is provided for MBAs in all the semesters and covers concepts related to Aptitude along with building up self-confidence and leadership quality in a student.

* At the end of the course students will be able to clear any competitive exams, face group discussions and also face an aptitude test in order to get recruited confidently.

Management Development Programme on Payroll Administration

Management Development Programme

Three days MDP on payroll administration was organised in association with Empowering People Knowledge LLP, Bengaluru. Mr Girish Rao, CEO, Empowering People Knowledge, LLP was the resource person for the programme. The programme focused on the topics payroll process, bifurcation of CTC, LOP, components of payroll process, CTC computation, income slabs and IT calculation.

Ernst & Young Associates LLP- Finance & Accounting Process Certification Programme

Finance & Accounting

Finance & Accounting Process Certification Programme was conducted for MBA- Finance specialisation by CA Amit Chawla trainer at Ernst & Young Associates LLP. The discussion was held about needs, users and components of financial statements and also focused on ERP software for accounting. The objective of the programme was to expose students to real world accounting. Understanding business operations in the wake of current Global practices, Standard Finance & Accounting processes, connect of end-to-end accounting and reporting practices and current and future trends in Finance & Accounting operations were covered in the certification programme.

Management Development Programme on Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

A four day Management Development Programme on Digital Marketing was conducted by Mr. Vishal Patel, Associate Director- Metric Stream, Bengaluru. The programme included various topics highlighting the Evolution of Digital Marketing, All roads meet at one point- “Website”, Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), On page and Off page optimization, Keyword Selections, Conversion Tracking and Metrics of SEM- CTR, CTC and CPA, Key Metrics in Web Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Display Advertising and Retargeting or Remarketing.