Dr. Umesh. M. Bhushi

Dr. Umesh. M. Bhushi

  • Department: Mechanical Engineering
  • Designation: Professor
  • Phone: 9449845926
  • Email: director.sp@sahyadri.edu.in
  • Teaching Experience: 27 Years
  • Industry Experience: NIL
  • Research Experience: 12.0 Years
BE Mechanical Engineering Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur Bangalore University
M.Tech Industrial Engineering & Management Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
Ph.D TQM in Education Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

Membership of Professional Bodies:

Indian Society for Technical Education     MISTE (LM 7882),

Institution of Engineers    MIE (M/126101/5)

Institution of Automobile Engineers       MIAE

Current Research

Strategic Governance of Sugar Industries, Textile Industries, Automobile Industries, Technical Universities  and Quality Cost.


Listed in the 9th Edition of MARQUIS Who's Who. in Science and Engineering in Asia 2006, by Marquis Who’swho, New Jersey .

Grants Received Research/Projects Guided (Beyond Academic)

  • D) i) Conducted AICTE Sponsored Short term training Program for the teachers of engineering colleges on “Learning Organization and Knowledge Management in Technical Education” 16-21 February 2004.
  • ii) Chief Convener for two day AICTE New Delhi sponsored national Seminar on Application of Soft Technologies in Higher education at Rajendra mane College of Engineering Ambav on 25-26th July 2008.

International Journals:

No. of International Journals Publications:27

Dr.U.M.Bhushi, S.N.Teli, Dr.V.S.Majali, Sunil Gaikwaid, DAILY MANAGEMENT PROCESS FOR REDUCE COST OF QUALITY IN AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY, Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology (JMET), ISSN 2347-3932 (Online), Volume 1, Issue 1, July 2013

Dr.U.M.Bhushi,  S.N.Teli,  Dr.V.S.Majali,  Assessment of Cost of Poor Quality Using Knowledge based System”, , International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT) Vol. 2 Issue 2, February- 2013 ISSN: 2278-0181, pp1-10


Dr.U.M.Bhushi, S.N.Teli, Dr.V.S.Majali, L.M. Gaikwad, 2012 Supplier Performance Evaluation and Monitoring Through PPMeq to Reduce Quality Cost, International Journal of Global Technology Initiatives Issue 2 1 December 2012 , pp1-7

S.N.Teli1, Dr.V.S.Majali2, Dr.U.M.Bhushi3, Sanjay Patil4, 2012, “Automotive Product Development Process (APDP) Strategy by Integrating Six Sigma to Reduce the Cost of Quality”. IOSR Journal of Mechanical and Civil Engineering (IOSR-JMCE), ISSN: 2278-1684 Volume 4, Issue 3 (Nov. - Dec. 2012), PP 40-48 www.iosrjournals.org

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U.M.Bhushi, S.N.Teli Dr.V.S.Majali, Kalyan Kumar Hatti, 2012,“ Vendor Relationship Management strategy development Process for Automobile Industry to reduce the cost of quality” The international journal’s research journal of Science and IT Management, ISSN 2251-1563, Volume: 01, Number: 08, June-2012 , pp 29-33

Umesh Bhushi, S.M.Pharasiyavar, Channappa M. Javalagi, July 2011, "Performance Evaluation of Indian Apparel industry using Financial Ratios".,The International journal’s “Research Journal of Social Science & Management”,, ISSN:2010-457X, Volume:01, Number:04, August-2011.

Umesh Bhushi, Channappa M. Javalagi, 2011 Application of Structural Equation Modelling to Establish Causal Relationship among Financial Factors for Strategic Management of Productivity in Indian Sugar Industries” International Journal of Applied Management Science. Vol 3, No 4, pp 394-419

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Umesh M Bhushi, Vishwanath Siddhanti, March 2011 “A TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT APPROACH FOR STRATEGIC POSITIONING OF MANAGEMENT INSTITUTIONS” International Journal of Management and Research (JMIJM R), Volume 1, Issue 3, ISSN 2229-4562, pp 292-299.

Umesh M Bhushi, Vishwanath Siddhanti, 2011, QUALITY MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK FOR TEMPLE GOVERNANCE, US China Public Administration Journal, ISSN: 1548-6591) , Volume 8, Number 11, November 2011 (Serial Number 73) 1254-1260, Impact factor 3.382

Umesh M Bhushi, Akash C.Mathapati, 2011 “Creating Sustainability via offerings by the organization for Competitive Advantage” to be published in cthe JM INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HR REVIEW, February 2011.

Umesh M Bhushi, S.N.Teli., Automotive Product   Development  Process to   lower  the  “ Cost of Quality” for  Automobile Industry & Enhance the Knowledge Management, ASME 2012 International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition, Houston, Texas, Nov 9-15-2012 Paper Number: IMECE2012-93078

Akash C. Mathapati, Umesh M. Bhushi (2011), "Creating Sustainability via offerings by the organization for Competitive Advantage" in JM INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HR REVIEW, ISSN: 2230-9230, Volume - 1, Issue -Feb.

Dr.Bhushi U.M, Bhagwat M.M,. and Dr.K.Vizayakumar,Road map from TQM to Six Sigma transformation: A survey, TIJ's Research Journal of Social Science & Management – RJSSM, http://www.theinternationaljournal.org/

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Bhushi, U.M., K,Vizayakumar, Bhagwat M.M.,2010, “GA-based Selection for Optimal Suppliers and Period: A proficient methodology for effectual fulfillment of material demand”, American Journal of Scientific Research, Issue 10. www.eurojournals.com. July 2010 pp87-100

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  1. M. Javalagi, U.M.Bhushi ‘A financial ratio approach to the measurement of industry productivity: A factor analytic investigation of the Indian sugar industry’,       INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT (accepted for publication)

National Journals:

No. of National Journals Publications:7

  1. Dr.U.M.Bhushi, S.N.Teli, Dr.V.S.Majali, Gaikwaid L.M, 2015 “An Application of Six Sigma to Reduce Supplier Quality Cost” Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India): Series-C;             DOI:     10.1007/40032-015-0200-2 IEIC-D-13-00073.1 Springer ISSN: 2250-0545 (Print) 2250-0553 (Online)
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6.      Dr.Umesh M Bhushi, Prof.K.Vizayakumar, Mr.Shivaprasad Dandagi, Dr.A.S.Deshpande  ‘Top Management Commitment’ Assessment For TQM Implementation In  Engineering Education- A Framework  The  Journal of Engineering Education a special issue in Engineering Education.(March 2007).Vol XX No 4 and Vol XXI No  (80th and 81st Issue), 9th Special Issue on Total Quality Management in Engineering Education, Quarterly Journal April and July 2007 ISSN 0971-5843.

7.      Bhushi, U.M., K,Vizayakumar, 1999, Implementation of Total Quality Management in Technical Education - A Framework, The Journal Engineering. Education (Special Issue on  Quality in Engineering Education),July & Oct pp. 92-104

International Conferences:

No. of International Journals Conferences:27

Bhushi U.M, Mahesh Bhagwat, , M.Srinivasa Rao Assessing the Readiness of an Organisation to Implement Six Sigma,2nd International Conference on Industrial Engineering. 20-22 November 2013, S.V. National Institute of Technology, Surat, India,Department of Mechanical Engineering, In Association with Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering (IIIE), NHQ-Mumbai,

Dr.Bhushi UM, Bhagwat MM, Dr.K.Vizayakumar, "Use of Genetic Algorithm in supplier selection", international conference .at Institute of Technology Nirma University, Ahmedabad, 9-11 Dec 2010 at Ahmedabad

Umesh M Bhushi, Akash C.Mathapati, 2010, April 15-16, Medical Tourism as a Growth Driver" International conference - Business Vision 2020 International Conference

Umesh Bhushi, Vishwanath V Siddhanti,2010, April 15-16, Turning Vision 2020 into reality: Role of Operations Management models, , Business Vision 2020 International Conference

Dr.Bhushi UM, Bhagwat MM, Dr.K.Vizayakumar, 2009, “First phase of Road map from ISO to six sigma transformation-A case of medical equipment industry” at Ninth global conference on Flexible Systems Management-GLOGIFT 09 held on November 12-14,2009 at National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), Mumbai, India. (GIFT Society Publication ISBN: 978-81-906294-6-1, Operations Management, Paper No.OM 111)

Dr.Bhushi U.M and Bhagwat, “Spirituality in management: A review of paradigm shift in theory & practice of management” MM 4th International Conference on Management-IBSAICON’09 IBSAICON '09, January 02-04 2009 ICFAI Business School) IBS House, AHMEDABAD 380054, Gujarat. India

M M Ganganahallimath, R B Math, Dr. Umesh Bhushi, Dr. K Vizayakumar, “Role of Human Anthropometry in Manufacturing Process Optimization”, Proceedings of International Ergonomics Conference on Humanizing Work and Work Environment -HWWE 2008 (In association with Indian Society of Ergonomics), 22-24 Dec 2008, Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, PUNE-411001, Maharastra

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Dr. Umesh Bhushi, M M Ganganahallimath, R B Math and Nikhil Modi, “ Automatic Dispensing of Liquid into two Different Quantities by Sensing the Container Size”, 2nd International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Control (ISCO-2008), Organized by Karpagam College of Engineering in collaboration with School of Mechatronics Engineering Universiti Malayasia Perlis, Malaysia on February 1-2-2008, pp 87.

M M Ganganahallimath, Roopa B Math, Dr. U M Bhushi, S B Koulagi, Achieving Consistency In Dimensional Variability Of Hot Forging Products Through Controlled Die Temperature, International Conference On Recent Developments in Mechanical Engineering SUS College of Engineering & Technology Tangori, Mohali (Punjab) INDIA, 23-25 January,2008

Dr. Umesh Bhushi 1, C.M.Javalagi2, S.B.Dandagi3,  S.M.Pharasiyavar4 (IEEM07-P-0429)"Technology and Productivity – Why we get one without the other ?" IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IEEM-2007) Dec 2-5 2007 Singapore.

Dr.Bhushi U.M, Javalagi.C.M, An Overview of Application of System Dynamics Modeling For Analysis of Indian Sugar Industry IEEM07-P-0431" IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IEEM-2007) Dec 2-5 2007 Singapore.

Dr.U.M.Bhushi, Shri.H.R.Patil, Shri.C.M.javalagi, Shri.D.D.Chillal., “Impact of Bagasse parametes on co-generation- Regression Analysis, International Conference on Simulation and Modelling, CITSCOM2007 at Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Aug 27-29 2007.

Dr. Umesh Bhushi, M M Ganganahallimath, Roopa B Math, N C Hiremath, “Achieving Consistency In Dimensional Variability Of Hot Forging Products Through Controlled Die Temperature” International Conference on “Modeling & Simulation” (CITICOMS 2007), Aug 27-29, 2007. Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore-641 014, Tamil Nadu, India.

System Dynamics Application for Management: A Few Cases, Dr. U.M.Bhushi1,C.M.Javalagi, Shri. S.M.Pharsiyawar   International Conference On Global Manufacturing And Innovation, (An Advanced Optimization technology Approach) (GMI 2006), Jointly with University of Massachusetts July 27-29, 2006, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Coimbatore Institute of Technology.

Problems and Issues in University Management – A Review, Shivaprasad Dandagi, Dr. Umesh M. Bhushi, International Education Meet, Kochi, Kerala Feb 6th to 8th 2006

Shivaprasad Dandagi, Dr.Balaveera Reddy, Dr.Umesh Bhushi, Dr.Anand Deshpande, “Strategic Management of Technical Universities-A review, International Engineering Management Conference, September 11-14, 2005 at the Fairmont Newfoundland in St. John's, Newfoundland

“Productivity Improvement of Blast Furnace- A Tactical Planning Approach”, SOM paper SOM VIII International Conference, NITIE, Mumbai, India, December 17-20, 2004, Paper code is: A059

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Bhushi, U.M., K,Vizayakumar , 1999, Implementation of TQM in Indian Industries : A Review , International Conference on “Operations Management for Global Economy” Challenges & Prospectus, Dec 21-24 POMS-99


National Conferences:

No. of National Conferences :17

Dr.U.M.Bhushi, Gaikwad L.M., Prof.S.N.Teli, Dr.V.S.Majali, "Supplier Development Using Knowledge Management" NCRDME 12-13th March 2013 GHRCOE&M, Wagholi,Pune

Dr.U.M.Bhushi, V.G.Surange, Prof.S.N.Teli, Dr.V.S.Majali, "Review of Cost of Quality- A Case of Automobile Industry "  NCRDME  12-13th 2013 March -GHRCOE&M, Wagholi, Pune

Akash C. Mathapati, Umesh M. Bhushi (2010), Perspectives on Business Vision 2020, Himalaya Publishers, ISBN: 978-81-8488-937-6, Medical Tourism as a Growth Driver page No - 61-65 (Acharya Business School, Bangalore Conducted during April 15-16)

Dr. Umesh Bhushi, Mr. Vishwanath V. Siddanthi, 2010, “Amalgamation of TQM and KM Principles to augment Organizational Excellence” 4th NATIONAL CONFERENCE On "Achieving Global Competitiveness: Challenges for India"21 - 23 OCTOBER 2010 VIGNANA JYOTHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, HYDERABAD

S.N.Teli,   Dr.V.S.Magali   Dr. U.M.Bhushi, Role of Cost of Quality in the Automotive Industry, National Conference on Recent Trends in Mechanical Engineering, Datta Mehge College of Engineering, Navi Mumbai, 28-29th August 2010, pp37 Abstract

Bhushi U.M., Rajeshwar .S. Kadadevaramath R.S., Shivaprasad Dandagi S.B., Optimizing Supply Chain Operations    Using Particle Swarm Algorithm, Proceedings of the National Conference on “Sustainability and social comfort-strategizing design and manufacturing” Organized by Dept.of Mechanical Engg, VNR VJIET,Hyderabad. Jan.19-20, 2009

Bhushi UM. Bhagwat MM, Spirituality in management : A Review.., , Proceedings of the National Conference on “Sustainability and social comfort-strategizing design and manufacturing” Organized by Dept.of Mechanical Engg, VNR VJIET,Hyderabad. Jan.19-20, 2009

Dr.Bhushi UM, Bhagwat MM, Dr.K.Vizayakumar, Prof.Mahajan SR, 2009,   Exploring the Impact of Six Sigma on Organizational Performance, National Conference on Advanced Manufacturing Techniques (NCAMT2009) Ref.code for paper OP 20.

U.M.Bhushi , S.G Arun Kumar, S.V Bhagyavathi , "Human resource In retailing" National Level Conference On “Emerging Trends In Retail Management” Department of Commerce & Department of Management Studies,BISHOP HEBER COLLEGE, On 30th March 2007, Puthur, Thiruchirapalli. ( Adjudged as second best paper in the conference).

Dr.Umesh Bhushi, Mr.Shivaprasad Dandagi, Dr.K.Balaveera Reddy, , Dr.A.S.Deshpande, Governance of Technological University-A system dynamics approach, National Conference on System Dynamics (SDSI-2006), BVB college of Engineering Hubli, Karnataka26-27 Dec 2006.

U M Bhushi, M M G Math System Development For Design Of Axisymmetric Hot Steel Forging National Conference On Advances In Manufacturing Engineering N C M E   2006, Department Of Mechanical Engineering, Sona College Of Technology, Salem-636005, Tamilnadu, India, April 21-22, 2006.

U M Bhushi.,,M M Ganganahallimath, “A New CAD system for Finisher Die Design of Hot Forging component with arbitrary Profile” National Conference on Advances in Manufacturing Engineering (NCME) Sonal College of Technology, Salem – 636 005, Tamil Nadu, April 2006.

 U. M. Bhushi, S. S. Manvi and S. B. Dandagi, Reformation Of Continuing Education Program (CEP) - A Perspective Of University Affiliated Colleges, National Symposium on Engineering Education, NSEE-05, November, 16-17, 2005 IISC Bangalore

Renewed look of Strategic Management of Technical Universities - System Dynamics Approach by Dr.Umesh Bhushi, Mr.Shivaprasad Dandagi, Dr.K.Balaveera Reddy, , Dr.A.S.Deshpande, Conference On System Dynamics 2005, Theme: Systems Thinking In Management”, 4-5 November, Tezpur University, Tezpur, Assam, India.

R B Math, M M Ganganahallimath, Dr. Umesh Bhushi,Group Learning to Enhance Faculty Empowerment and Skill Up-gradation through Group Discussions”, Proceedings of National Seminar Sponsored by NAAC on Quality in Higher Education: Rural Empowerment; Challenges and Opportunities, B K Arts Science and Commerce College, CHIKODI-591 201, BELGAUM, Karnataka

M M Ganganahallimath, S B Manawaddar, Dr. Umesh Bhushi, “Importance of Teaching-Learning process for the application of Accreditation Issues “, Proceedings of National Seminar on New Directions for Polytechnic Education in the Wake of Globalization, J.S.S’s K.H.K.Institute of Engineering – Dharwad , Karnataka

Bhushi, U.M., K,Vizayakumar, Management Paradigms without a quality mindset is frivolous, XXIII National Systems Conference NSC’99 “Systems Approach to Social Engineering ,B.H.U., Varanasi

Workshop / Seminars

More than 125 invitred talks in Engineering colleges and Industries Major areas of invited talks include TQM, ISO9000, Six Sigma, Personality Development, Creativity, Time and Stress Management, Entrepreneurship, IPR, System Dynamics.

Workshop for Principals of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnatak Engineering colleges on Implementation of TQM in Engineering colleges"

Projects and Exhibitions

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Other Activities

5th Academic Senate Member for 2013-16 for VTU Belgaum

Academic Council Member of NMAMIT Nitte

BOS member for Industrial Production department of PDA College of engineering and Technology, Gulbarga

Chief Co-ordinator for Online evaluation examination of Visvesvaraya Technological University of Mangalore zone 2013-till date.