Mr. Sunil Kumar K

Mr. Sunil Kumar K

  • Department: Civil Engineering
  • Designation: Assistant Professor
  • Phone: +91-9916596562
  • Email: sunil.civil@sahyadri.edu.in
  • Teaching Experience: 11 Years
  • Industry Experience: NIL
  • Research Experience: 2.0 Years
BE Civil K.V.G. College of Engineering Sullia V T U
M. Tech Computer Aided Design Of Structures Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management V T U

Membership of Professional Bodies:

1. MISTE-Member of Indian Society for Technical Education

2. ICI-Member of Indian Concrete Institute

Current Research

1. Effect of Piezo Patches on Vibration, Buckling and Flutter Behavior of Shell Panel with Cutouts Subjected to Non Uniform Loading Condition.


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Grants Received Research/Projects Guided (Beyond Academic)

1. Guided a student project "Peizo electric roads" which was funded 60 K by DETI @ Nidhi Prayas.

International Journals:

No. of International Journals Publications:6

1. Mitra K., Vishal Samartha, Sunil Kumar K., (2016) "Students t-test to assess the role of aptitude classes for placement among Engineering students", International Journal of research in Economics and Social Sciences, Volume 6, Issue 3 2. 

2. M. Chitharanjan, K. Sunil Kumar, D. L. Prabhakara (2017) “Effect of Partial Edge load on simply supported FRP Composite Panel for various Ply Orientations through Dynamic approach”, Sahyadri International Journal of Research, Vol-3, Issue-1, 

3. P Sasha Rai, K. Sunil Kumar, D. L. Prabhakara (2016) “Plane Stress Analysis of Layered Composite Plate subjected to varying in-plane patch load single crystals”, Sahyadri International Journal of Research, Vol-2, Issue-2,

4. Kavitha Shetty, Sunil Kumar K, (2018) "Steady State Vibration Analysis of Industrial Structures", International Journal of Engineering Science and Computing, August 2018, Volume 8, Issue no 8.

5. Shibin R. Nambiar, Sunil Kumar K. (2018) "Effect of Partially Replacing Meta-kaolin, fly-ash and Rice-husk ash on flexural strength of concrete" International Journal of Engineering Science and Computing, Volume 8, Issue no 6. 

6. Smilu Kalarikkal, Sunil Kumar K, (2018) “A comparative study of the ultimate pile load capacity for cohesive soil” International Journal of Engineering Science and Computing, Volume 8, Issue no 7

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National Conferences:

No. of National Conferences :1

1. P Sasha Rai, K. Sunil Kumar (2016) "Torsional Effect Consideration in the earthquake Analysis of Asymmetric Building" National Conference on Advanced Techniques in Civil Engineering and Sustainable Development, MITE Moodabidri

Workshop / Seminars

  1. Computational Mechanics
  2. Development and Application of Bamboo in Construction and Energy sectors.
  3. National Workshop-Civil Engineering Challenges in 21st Century (CEC21-2014)

Projects and Exhibitions

Projects Executed

  1. Vibration, Static and Flutter Stability Analyses of Composite Plates in MAT Lab
  2. Study and Qualitative Analysis of Underground drainage system of Sullia Town

Projects Guided

B.E Level

  •  Comparitive Study of Properties of M-Sand Available from Different Quaries in Around Dakshina Kannada.
  • Stabilization Of Black Cotton Soil Using The Mixture Of Terrazyme And Flyash
  • Decoupling of Mass and Stiffness Matrix of a Multi-Storey Building.
  • Advanced Stabilisation of Black Cotton Soil Using Terrazymeand Flyash with Varying Proportions.
  • Advanced Stabilization of Black Cotton Soil Using Lime and Terrazyme in Various Proportions.
  • Replacement of Coarse Aggregate In Concrete by Construction and Demolition Waste.
  • Strength Testing of Concrete by Replacement of Coarse Aggregates with Laterite and Cement with Flyash
  • Defluoridation of Drinking Water by Adsorption Process
  • Analysis and Design of G+6 Regular Residential Building Using E-Tabs

P. G. Level

  • Effect Of Boundary Conditions, Ply Orientation, Aspect Ratio And Modular Ratio On Free Vibration Of FRP Composite Panels
  • Flutter Instability of Composite Panels.
  • Effect of Partial Edge Load, Ply Layer and Aspect Ratio on Stability of Simply Supported FRP Composite Panel Through Dynamic Approach
  • Effect of Edge Patch Load, Ply Orientation and Aspect ratio on Flutter Instability of Cantilever FRP Composite Panels
  • Seismic Analysis of Industrial Structure Using Floor Response Spectrum Method.
  • Effects of Meta-Kaolin, Fly-Ash and Rice-Husk Ash on Mechanical Properties of Concrete.
  • A Comparative Study of the Ultimate Pile load Capacity Calculation Methods based on Various Approaches
  • Behavior of HVFAC Concrete by replacing sand by copper slag in addition to glass fibers
  • Steady State Vibration Analysis of Industrial Structures

Other Activities

  • Qualified Gate Examin 2012 and 2016
  • P.G. Co-Ordinator for Department of Civil Engineering
  • Faculty Co-Ordinator Of Students Association SPACE.
  • Assistant Camp Officer for 3 years
  • Attended VTU-VGST Faculty Development Programme on "An Holistic View to Construction Practice"
  • Udergone Training under the Infosys Campus Connect Program.
  • Attended FDP on "FEEL Teacher-Communication" Learning and Development Intervention, conducted by CLHRD
  • Attended refresher course on "Application of diffrentiation and Integration" @ SCEM Mangaluru
  • Attended FDP on " Cype Software and its Application in Civil engineering" organised by Department of Civil Engineering. SCEM Managluru
  • Workshop on "Offshore Engineering and Opportunities" organised by Department of Civil Engineering, SCEM Mangalore